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Parent Teacher Conferences Thursday February 15 from 8:15 AM-7:45 PM. Use the link below to sign up! 


Mrs. Pound PreK - https://forms.gle/JKU1jnuP3vytPXKeA

Mrs. Nowasell PreK - https://forms.gle/MBEn49i2KQ4q4tdx5

Mrs. Gale Kindergarten - https://forms.gle/AVGBNXer2RJfEvv36

Mrs. Wright Kindergarten - https://forms.gle/Nuxc8GcZgFw5J9sP7

Ms. Brey First Grade - https://forms.gle/T1REPvwBzZjDsAyM6

Mrs. Holub First Grade - https://forms.gle/Ddvohh9EjKYkXocc7

Mrs. Petrie Second Grade - 

Mrs. Saheb Second Grade - https://forms.gle/vDbpoFFCQv8m7P54A

Mrs. Mahon Third Grade - https://forms.gle/oonjukqRuDKuHLFLA

Mrs. White Third Grade - https://forms.gle/aRxhvwuNNyoMenWM8

Ms. Cregan Fourth Grade - https://forms.gle/XJYRiMx3JPKA3Kgw7

Ms. Johnson Fourth Grade - https://forms.gle/zKvAJXTCHXdi2ZH79

Mrs. Bouza Fifth Grade - https://forms.gle/AQ3vcgyK58fNMEAo9

Mrs. Harriman Fifth Grade - https://forms.gle/7HEU25SeF6U8EBYP8

Ms. Wright Art - https://forms.gle/YgkpUGvTxHisxRBc7

Mrs. Walker Music - https://forms.gle/ATWfLniH3YUFQDLs7

Mr. Weaver PE - https://forms.gle/jKf42yKD3XKQvxHQ7