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When is a good time to take the ACT Test?

Actually,anytime you want but most preferably I'd go with the fall of your junior year. Most colleges require a compostite score of 21 or higher so if you don't reach that the first time, then you have a few test dates to improve your score by the fall of your senior year. Keep in mind, most colleges have a scholarship deadline varying in the months of Novemeber through February. 

Also, keep in mind, when registering for the ACT, the writing part is not needed but it's totally your choice.Be ready to have your past classes and  grades when sitting down to register and a recent head shot to upload to the site. When completed you will need to print your ticket to present at your testing site.DO NOT FORGET THIS!  Otherwise, you will not be able to test.     

Once you have registered, you will not need to repeat all the previous information. Just the one time. You may see Mr. Polson or Mrs. Rainey for a printout of your historical classes and grades before you begin to register. Our school code is 171-955. You will need this to register.   

Do I need to take the ACT Test?

No, not everyone does. But I would advise it. There have been many students who have decided to attend a junior college and didn't have the need. However, plans have a way of changing and you may decide you do want to attend a 4-year university down the road. Better to take it while in high school when everything is still fresh in your head than a couple years out of school. It will be less of a hassle. 

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to stop by the guidance office or talk to the counselor.

Have a great school year!!!

Mrs. Rainey